PharmainFuture is an international gathering of pharmaceutical industry thought leaders ( Its purpose is to convey market realities supported by credible market research and to convene senior industry experts in an interactive setting to debate significant industry concerns, share experiences, and generate ideas and solutions to improve health and business outcomes.

PharmainFuture is a global leadership consortium in healthcare solutions that combines medical/pharma marketing expertise, technology, analytics, and operational excellence to address some of the industry's most pressing issues.

PharmainFuture Connect


The PharmainFuture member networking forum Community Connection is being relaunched with some exciting updates! We've updated the platform, which is now called PharmainFuture Connect, to include an open and public forum for all members that serves as a hub for virtual connections and shaping the future of pharma.

PharmaBeat Magazine


In the pharmaceutical domain, this magazine examines life-cycle activities for pharmaceutical marketing. It reports all the relevant information generated in the pharmaceutical industry with regard to product launches, updates, drug efficacy and market success ratios and statistical indices.

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Whether networking at events or collaborating through our Communities of Practice, the value of an PharmainFuture membership is in the connections made between pharma industry professionals and Regulators to collaborate on solutions to common goals and challenges.